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Spring Dance and Dinner June 10th 2017


The Report of the Dance can be found here


Spring Dance

Annual General Meeting and Jass Tournament

This was the 2nd annual Jass tournament after it was revived after so many years. 16 Jassers had lots of fun playing the Swiss game.  I happened to win the trophy as I was lucky, had good partners and good cards!!

Here is the score list.

1     Elisabeth         9    Roger
2 Frank 10  Ralph
3 Marius 11 Gabriella
4 Angie 12 Franz
5 Peter 13 Pamela
6 Kurt 14 Christa
7 Helena 15 Erwin
8 Leonie 16  Tanja.

Also thank you to all who donated prices.

See you next year at the general meeting.

Elisabeth Nyfeler





Report and Pictures


Image Gallery





Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016

Location: Schubert Centre,  3505 - 30th Avenue, Vernon, B..C.

Interior Swiss Club Annual Concert Dinner Dance
We celebrated the Interior Swiss Club’s 61st Anniversary with a dinner and dance at the
Schubert Center in Vernon and were honored to have our Consul General of Switzerland,
Pascal Bornoz, his wife and beautiful daughter and cousin in attendance.
Upon arriving at the venue this year, you were greeted by Peter, Jerri, Frank and Karen with
her beautiful smile at the door, then you entered the hall welcomed by festive yellow, white
and black balloons, and yellow chrysanthemum floral decorations that felt like walking into
sunshine. Along the way you were able to appraise the contents of the many baskets that
were to be raffled off during the entertainment intermission. All of these baskets were
donated by members of the Swiss Club from Kamloops and Vernon.
The music was playing all evening with our always enjoyable Route 66 Dance Band who
performs all of the favorites to keep the crowd dancing through the evening. They only
stopped when there was other entertainment to be enjoyed. Fred Hefti was kind enough to
play traditional music with the Alphorn and was even given an opportunity to perform a
second time. Thank you Fred (you never change).
The professional and articulate Tanya Hasler easily managed the duties of Master of
Ceremonies; she was well received in the welcoming comments to our large crowd and easily
kept the program moving forward.
We were delightfully entertained by the German Ladies Choir Calgary who made the long trip
to Vernon to provide us with a masterful performance under the expert direction of Anne
Stollbert, Pianist Jeannie Park and Master of Ceremonies for the Choir was Erika Janz. The
concert started with Die Forelle (The Trout) – Fr. Schubert, and continued with a tour of
Europe with melodies from Germany, Holland, France, Italy and many more romantic places.
The wall puppet performance of Evita was especially entertaining and funny. Their skill and
humor was able to engage the crowd all evening. We are so thankful to the choir group and
president Roswitha van Putten for their kind attendance.
There are lots of people to thank for this successful evening.
Special thank you must be sent to Monika Voets for the coffee basket from Coffee Voets,
Helen Hasler, Leonie Huser, Christa Donauer, Yvonne Gawlig, Perdita Bostock, Angie Steiger,
Kurt and Marianne Zwingli , Elisabeth Nyfeller, and Sheila Domino for their contributions
towards building the bountiful baskets for the raffle draw. To Peter Quas for spending the
time during our festivities taking pictures, and to Kurt Zwingli our webmaster (who is the
best) for posting all of the pictures and reports to our website.
We would also like to thank the Schubert Center and Jack Gareb for the generous support to
our club. We certainly all enjoyed the excellent buffet dinner. Thank you also to Igor and
Irma Ruffa of Bella Stella Cheese for their donation.
Thank you to all the hard working volunteers who made this evening a very special event and
And lastly, a BIG, BIG thank you to Lilly Senn, our President the birthday girl who masterfully
organizes this event every year.
Please visit our website at to view the numerous pictures taken by
Peter Quas.
Report written by Elisabeth Nyfeller, Heidi Hapalo, and Sheila Domino.


Image Gallery

Jass tournament report

The 2016 annual Jass Tournament of the Interior Swiss Club was a great success.  Allthe participants enjoyed the Jass.  The games were courteous and friendly.  Laughter could be heard and jokes were exchanged after the tournament.
Erwin Nyfeler introduced everybody to the rules of the Jass tournament:  no wise, no stock just single and schieber points in the game 157.  We switch the seats after everybody made trump ones and pick new numbers to get a different partner.
So thank you Erwin Nyfeler for being the extra and for doing a super job keeping every body in line.

Our winner for the 2016 Jass Tournament is:
7.  Peter Quas with 934
8.  Christa Donauer with 878
9.  Susan Haldi with 870
10.  Elisabeth Nyfeler with 858
11. and 12.Is a tie between Tanja Hasler and Angie Steiger
We presented prizes for the first 6 winners.

Please mark your calendar for next year’s Jass Tournament which follows the Annual General Meeting. 

We reserved the room for
Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Please come and join us, we hope to be able to welcome many Jass fans.

Signed:  Elisabeth Nyfeler



Bowling Tournament, April 10, 2016

At Falcon Lanes, Kamloops

Click here for the report of the day by Tanja Hasler


Image Gallery

Swiss Women's Hockey Team

IIHF Women's World Championship in Kamloops

For weeks Erwin and I had been excited about Kamloops hosting the IIHF Women’s World Cup and at last opening day arrived.  Monday, March 28 was the 1st game, Switzerland vs Japan.  We dressed in red, grabbed  our cow bell and took our seats in the arena.   The parents of the Swiss National team happened to be sitting right behind us and it didn’t take long to make friends so we invited them all to our house the following evening.

With the help of our neighbours and Swiss friends we quickly organized dinner which, with the help of a couple of heaters and a fire pit, we enjoyed on the deck.

Before dinner some of us enjoyed a hike up the mountain, others enjoyed an aparo (glass of white wine), then we settled down to a fantastic dinner.  We enjoyed beef tenderloin, steaks, morel sauce, a delicious salad, baked potatoes and an enormous raspberry tart made by Ralph and Gabriella. Dinner was partly sponsored by the Interior Swiss Club and the guests generously provided several bottles of wine.  Everyone had a great time!

All excited, we went to Thursday’s game where we were met by Claudia Thomas, our Swiss Consul. We made lots of noise with Swiss cow bells and ‘Hop Schwitz!’  but unfortunately the Swiss team lost to the Swedes.   Claudia Thomas invited us to Peter’s Pasta for dinner after the game.

 We supported very exciting games on Friday and Sunday which Switzerland won.

 After the last game on Sunday,  as we said our goodbyes to the team and their parents, player #7, Lara Stalder, presented me with a team jersey signed by all the members of the team! 

 Seeing the Swiss National Women’s Hockey team play in Kamloops was a touching and exciting experience!

Erwin & Elisabeth Nyfeler

IIHF Women's World Hockey Championship in Kamloops

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Interior Swiss Club

On Saturday October 3rd 2015, members, friends and guests gathered at the Schubert Center in Vernon  for an evening of fun and celebration.  The event was sold out.  Thank you to everybody for participating in this special celebration.   
Tanja Hasler did an excellent job performing the duties of Master of Ceremonies and we are certain she will represent the Interior Swiss Club very professionally at the Presidents Conference in Edmonton in November.
Our guest of honor, Consul General of Switzerland, Urs Strausak and his wife Martina Feil very generously donated a welcome drink to each guest.  What a great way to start off the evening.
After the members of the board received recognition for their hard work in past years, current president Lilly Senn was presented with a beautiful planter from President Susie Kaul of the Kelowna Liedertafel Choir. The founding members and past Presidents were given accolades for their efforts in establishing the Interior Swiss Club in 1955.
Dinner was provided by the Schubert Center and their efficient staff.  
Rory Fader started the musical portion of the evening with an  Alphorn melody, followed by the sensational sounds of the Kelowna Liedertafel Choir under his direction.  
As always the band Route 66 provided us with lots of excellent dancing music keeping the dance floor busy all evening.  
The Kelowna Liedertafel choir invited the audience to sing the final  song together:
“So ein tag so wunderschoen wie heute, so ein tag der  sollte nie vergehn”
The Interior Swiss Club would like to acknowledge and thank:
Consul General of Switzerland Urs Strausak
The Management of the Schubert Centre
Bella Stella Cheese, Owners Igor and Irma Ruffa
Peter Johner, Chocolatier
for their generous support to our club, we appreciate their support very much.
Last but not least, we like to thank our photographer Gaby Steiger for taking pictures throughout the evening.  Also thanks to our webmaster Kurt Zwingli for posting the report and pictures on the website  
A large group met at the O’Keefe Ranch for brunch on Sunday morning, enjoying each other’s company, and not wanting the party to end.
Submitted by:  Elisabeth Nyfeler, Sheila Domino and Heidi Happelo  

Some of the Participants of the 60th Anniversary of the club

The Kelowna Liedertafel under the direction of Rory Fader

The Dance

Breakfast at the O'Keefe Ranch


Swiss National Soccer Team in Vancouver


Annual Interior Swiss Club Kamloops Bowling Tournament

Located at the Falcon Lanes Bowling, Kamloops BC

April 12h 2015


The Interior Swiss Club annual Bowling Tournament held at Falcon Lanes in Kamloops BC was a delight for all who attended, and participants ranged in age from 5 years to 70+ and there were 22 participants and a cheering team on the sidelines!


The event was amusing and entertaining from start to finish. The bowling was swift, as groups of 4-6 played on 2 lanes and then the groupings changed 2 more times for a total of each participant playing 3 games. The totals scored were compared for each person to their accumulated bowling average from attending the club's weekly bowling in Kamloops and Vernon throughout the year. Our cheering team rang Swiss cow bells with every strike and spare, thus the melodic chime of the bells was non-stop! It motivated all to play their best, but a bit of luck was needed too! A big thank you to Gaby Steiger for capturing all these fantastic moments on camera!


The bowling techniques implemented were amusing to watch. Our 9y old participant, Samantha, chose to do a belly landing to place her ball exactly right, and others stood, swung, dropped and rolled the balls to achieve successful strikes and spares to the cheers of our onlookers.


A fine lunch followed at Tumbleweeds Pub in Kamloops and dessert was provided by talented professional and homebakers who took part in the tournament! Such yummy delights for all to enjoy. A big thank you to all who baked, and as second helpings were hard to resist, most of us just filled our dessert plates to the max the first time!


The Interior Swiss Club would like to offer a sincere thank you to the organisers and all who attended in making this event a success. Furthermore, a heartfelt thank you to business who were gift sponsors: Heidi Lussi Real Estate, Source for Sports, Voets Coffee, and Bella Stella Cheese in Lumby. A kind thank you to Tumbleweeds Pub and Falcon Lanes for their service! The generous support to our club is much appreciated.


A joyful reminder to you all, we are celebrating our Interior Swiss Club's 60th Anniversary this year! Come celebrate with us at our upcoming events, please refer to the events page on our website!


Report submitted by Tanja Hasler, Interior Swiss Club Treasurer 2015


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Annual Interior Swiss Club Fall Dinner, Concert and Dance

Located at the the Schubert Centre, in Vernon BC

Oct 18th 2014


The Interior Swiss Club annual fall Dinner, Concert and Dance proved once again to be a fantastic evening of meeting friends, old and new, and being entertained by the delightful Jodel Club Heimattreu from Calgary as well as the timeless band Route 66.


The event was skillfully organized by our very own president of the Interior Swiss Club, Mrs. Lilly Senn and her team, and the Master of Ceremonies was Elisabeth Reymond. Our returning honoured guest was our Consul General of Switzerland for Western Canada, Mr. Urs V. Strausak and his lovely wife Mrs. Martina Feil.


This event was once again sold out. Guests for the evening came from Calgary (the performers), from all over the Interior, including Kamloops with a total of 27 people, Barriere,  McBride, Cache Creek, Enderby, Armstrong, Coldstream, Falkland, Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Winfield, Salmon Arm, Golden, Quesnel, Edmonton, and even visitors from Switzerland!


Once everyone was settled at their tables, and the evening program was announced, a splendid dinner buffet was served, followed by a delicious variety of desserts. Thereafter followed the first half of a fantastic performance by the Jodel Club Heimattreu from Calgary. The group consists of 3 women and more than a dozen men who sang beautiful traditional and newer songs with surprising twists. Some of the text highlights of the songs included such sayings as “when you are sometimes not doing well, you need a friend that will stand by you” and sometimes you just have to let your spirit “labambala”. At one point a subgroup of the Jodel Club, who jokingly called themselves the “thrown together” group playing the guitar, clarinet, harmonica, two accordians and singing/whistling, entertained us with wonderful pieces.


A definite highlight of Heimattreu's performance were the solo and duet Alphorn performances by the father and daughter team, Mr. Franz Weidmann, Ms. Sonja Weidmann.


During the intermission guests had the opportunity to dance to the timeless live music by the band Route 66, while the Jodlers lubricated their vocal chords. After the second half of the performance by Heimattreu, Route 66 once again took over and offered the guests a chance to dance the night away. Later on, even guests enjoyed jodling, accompanied by members of the Jodel Club.


The Interior Swiss Club would like to offer a sincere thank you to all who attended in making this event a complete success. Furthermore, a heartfelt thank you to the Calgary Jodel Club Heimattreu and their artistic director Ms. Marianne Hamilton for the fantastic performance, Route 66 for their music entertainment, the Schubert Centre for hosting the event and to Bella Stella Cheese for their generous support to our club.


At this point we would like to acknowledge and thank our volunteers for their dedication and effort to make this evening such a success:  Helena Hasler, Elisabeth Nyfeler, Christa Donauer, Karen Cleland, Tanja Hasler and Gabrielle Steiger.


Lastly, to Mrs. Lilly Senn, the Interior Swiss Club is doing very well thanks to your sincere dedication and vision. We all thank you for your leadership! Next year we are fortunate to celebrate our 60th Anniversary as a club. Come celebrate with us!


written and submitted by Tanja Hasler, Kamloops

Jodel Club Heimattreu performing at the Schubert Center in Vernon

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 2014 Bowling tournament:


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Edmonton Swiss Men's Choir at the Schubert Centre

The Interior Swiss Club hosted their annual fall gathering at the Schubert Centre in Vernon, on October 4, 2013.  As usual, Lily Senn and her wonderful assistants, Karen Cleland and Elisabeth Reymond did a phenomenal job.  The program was designed by Elisabeth’s husband, Hansjuerg Mueller.  It was very professionally done!!

We were honoured to have the Consul General of Switzerland, Mr. Urs Strausak and his wife Martina, in attendance.  It was a sell out crowd with guests from New York, Sorrento, Germany, Switzerland and of course, the Swiss Interior.  The ladies were in their finery and the men looked dashing.   They even allowed a few Canadians, non Swiss club members, in through the doors, as word of the evening’s entertainment was promoted to the public.    

Everyone got to enjoy spectacular performances by the Edmonton Swiss men’s Choir.  The selection of songs was enjoyed by all.  The choir was made up of 30 plus men, a female conductor and a female pianist.  This choir is dedicated to the preservation, presentation and creation of Swiss Choral music.  The choir was formed in 1980 when a group of “Swiss Abroad” were living in Edmonton.  They decided that they would get together to share their joy of singing.  A number of the present choir are not Swiss but love to get together to sing and enjoy each others company.  They were on a tour of the Okanogan, but have also toured the world as their popularity increased. The addition of the Alphorns was just the icing on the cake. 

The dinner, hosted by the Schubert Centre, was superbly done.  The meal lived up to the Swiss standards of quality and fine dining.  Again, the organizers made the evening even more enjoyable by placing a few of the choir members at each table so that we could engage them in interesting conversations about their many experiences as members of such a prestigious choir.  

A tribute was made to Herbert Manweiler on his 92nd year of life.  One can only hope that each and every one of us can attend such a wonderful evening at this stage of our lives.  Congratulations Herbert, you looked great!

As an interlude leading up to the choir's performance and as an intermission between choir performances, we were entertained by the band, Route 66.  The vitality of their music had people keeping time to the music immediately.  After dinner this band set up for the rest of the evening of dancing and fun interactions.  Even though we had confirmed, non-dancers in the crowd, they were up and having a great time.  Frank Steffel, from the Kamloops contingency, said he had no intention of dancing but once this band started to play he said “I just can’t help myself!” and danced the night away.

There are just too many people to thank for putting on this evening but I am sure that our President made a point of getting around to everyone.  As a small effort of appreciation for all that Lily Senn does, she was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Image Gallery

Bowling pictures 2013