2019 – ISC Bowling Tournament Report

INTERIOR SWISS CLUB – 2019 Annual Bowling Tournament Report
A very successful (16th) annual bowling tournament was hosted by the executive and members of the Kamloops ISC on Sunday April 7,2019.

A big THANK YOU goes to all the volunteers and participants from the Vernon and Kamloops clubs who helped with all the preparations that made this event another successful and friendly competition and fun filled social get together.

A special thank you goes Lilly Senn (President) Helene Hasler (Director) Elisabeth Nyfeler (Director) Christa Donauer (Director) who worked hard to make this traditional annual event a memorable get together for all involved. A big Thank You goes to Gabriel Steiger who took numerous pictures and captured the activities of the bowling event.

The bowling competition was held at “ Falcon Lanes” in Kamloops and attended to by 18 bowlers from both clubs. The galley was filled with friends and supporters of all ages and from each area who filled the back stage with cheers, laughter and cow bells sounds based on the present bowlers successes (or not) at the time.

The competitive part of the tournament concluded at about noon after which a luncheonhad been organized at the “ Frick & Frack – Tap House” in Kamloops as part of thetournament winners recognition and awards celebration.

Tables holding the prizes ready for the winners and participants of the tournament as well as the amazing selection of delicious cakes and deserts prepared for by the ladies of the Kamloops club were covered to capacity. We also like to acknowledge the generous donation from Voets Coffee.

Tournament winner announcement provided by Helen Hasler:
1 Regula Philips (+55)
2 Kurt Zwingli (+24)
3 Ralph Steiger (+2)
4 Peter Quas (-8)
5 Erwin Nyfeler (-14)
6 Joe Zemp (-24)
7 Christa Donauer(-32)
8 Sue Schnyder (-33)
9 Lilly Senn (-48)
10 Mark Schnyder (-54)
11 Helena Hasler (-55)
12 Franz Donauer (-62)
13 Elisabeth Nyfeler (-64)
14 Roger Roth (-74)
15 Urs Bachmann (-77)
16 Hans Senn (-96)
17 Kimberly (-196)
18 Paul Schnyder (-255)

Prizes were awarded based on the individual standing and selected by the winners.

Every participant received a prize – therefor everyone was a winner!!!!

This was a great way to end a really fantastic day.

PS.: As every bowler had some great shots but also some that went off the chart, so a back stage spectator and supporter tried to keep a record of all the reasons (14) expressed by the bowlers for his/her ball not doing what it was supposed to… : 1.) I bowl better in the evening, 2) the shoes are too tight 3)didn’t eat breakfast 4) I got up too early 5) this is my nap time 6) the ball had chips in them, …………

See you all at the 2020 Bowling Tournament in Kamloops.

Written by Franz Donauer